Saturday, December 26, 2009

Goal Setting & Goal Getting

I'm writing this just after Christmas and therefore with just a few days to go until the New Year starts.
Now, as many of my students and apprentices will already know, I don't believe in waiting for 1st January to set goals and make decisions. However, it IS the time of year when many DO make some changes, make a new atsrt, make promises to themselves.
Whether they keep them or not is another matter, of course, and I'll deal with that in a later post.

New Year Resolution Tips
For now let me offer you this advice:
  • Set Goals carefully. Only set Goals you truly want to achieve. 
  • Ensure that they are Specific ie detailed
  • Ensure they can be measured - so you can see progress and know when you have completed them
  • They should be a challenge and stretch you a bit - but also should be possible!
  • Don't choose anything impossible or that has bad effects on others!
  • Set them from your heart. Dig deep and mean them. 
  • Write them down and share with people you trust and who can support and help you.
Then start to work on your goals!
Tell me what goals you ahve set and what will your first step to achieving be.

Until then ....

John Gordon
The Infotainer


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