Monday, October 05, 2009

5 Ways To Increase Your Business With Name Painting

Several face & body painters have recently 'discovered' the ancient art of 'Name Painting'.

I first saw this some years ago at Whiteley's Mall in Bayswater, London and later at Covent Garden and Camden Lock, both upscale, popular tourist and local attraction street markets. I never investigated it, but all the exponents were from somewhere in the 'Far East' and the designs followed a similar pattern. I had my name created and it hung on my office wall for some time. Each letter can be created in a limited range of symbols, each of which represents a particular character or trait.

I have no idea what those currently intrigued with the idea have in mind, and maybe they haven't either, other than it being an interesting diversion and something they can understandably turn their hand to with ease. I dare say that some will translate the designs into face and body designs and use them in their primary work. I've also seen mention of producing the artworks at events when the weather makes it impossible to face paint.

However, there are a number of very beneficial things they could do with the work they produce and I thought I'd offer a quick heads-up here and hopefully fire up their interest even more.

Give Aways
For 'temporary' face & body painters, it means they now could have something with lasting value. Once the skills are learned, they will only take minutes to create but would last for a lifetime. These Name Paintings would make superb 'give aways'. They have a reasonable perceived value and would therefore make an impression when received as a gift.

Once created on paper or board, they could be 'branded' with a stamp (or sticker) to create a perpetual promotion. I should mention here that it may become important what size they are created. Bear in mind envelope and postal limitations, and also, for when you offer them mounted or framed, what is available here too at an appropriate price.

When To Use

1. As a 'thank you' to a client after a gig
Hopefully you DO send clients a follow up email or maybe postcard or ecard. Imagine them receiving a thank you letter and a Name Painting of their or their family name. It's an excellent personal gift but not too much, especially because you have created it and it's very closely related with what you do.

2. As a competition / survey prize
I'm sure many will run competitions on their Blogs or websites. These could be any number of things from naming a design, the best submitted design idea, best coloring sheet that month and so on. See articles I've written on Competitions, Polls and Surveys as promotional tools elsewhere. Then you reward the winner or winners with specially created Name Paintings.

3. As a bonus
When creating a 'bundle' as a price promotion, a Name Painting would be an excellent addition. Given the price these sell at when created live, this value added bonus would work wonders. Instead or having to reduce your fees to match a competitor's price, start to add value! Whereas you may previously not known of a way to do that (although there are many options), this is simple.

4. As a free gift when prospects 'opt in' to your list
As I am sure you know, opt-in rates increase massively when a free gift is offered. If you have an opt-in for a special list and offer these as an incentive - you'd end up with the prospects name, email and snail mail address.

In all the above cases, it would be simple to enclose a PS that said:

"If you'd like a Name Painting for another family member, I would be happy to send one at a special reduced price ...." and so on. This is a simple upsell that I see families taking advantage of.

5. As a way of getting the edge on competitors
Just being able to offer this to everyone who makes a booking on certain days, or over a certain price, or once booked x times in any period ... however you wish to limit availability, creates a scarcity that creates desire and demand. And this is so powerful when you are the only one on the block making such offers.
That's it. Just a quick heads up on 5 Ways To Increase Your Business With Name Painting
PS If you have any questions about the above, simply leave a comment and I'll respond
John Gordon
Founder of APE


Sunday, October 04, 2009


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I look forward to hearing from you

John Gordon
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